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I'm Seana, and welcome to my little corner of cyberspace.

I'm just a teenage girl living in the state of Michigan, where the weather can never make up its mind and apple cider is tradition. I have an addiction to books and everything nerdy, and I also play guitar and sing on the side. I have an unhealthy obsession with shoes, makeup, hair---the whole nine yards, and I'm a firm believer that coffee makes everything better.

I started this blog as a little hobby when I was in middle school, and it's so crazy to see how it's grown and changed as I've gone through high school and now as I move into college. I have so much love for all of my readers, whether you've been here from the beginning or you just found me by random chance today.

This site is where I post writing tips, book reviews, fun tags, makeup/fashion favorites, and all of the crazy shenanigans that make up my life. I try to have posts up a few times a week, so be sure to check back in for new things. (:


// NOTE: Seana is a pseudonym, so don't get too confused if you see my real name floating around on some of my social media links. I started this blog under a pen name, and I've been keeping that name as the name I blog under to keep things simple, and it because makes me feel like Beyonce to have an alternative "Sasha Fierce"-style name.


  1. It's pretty awesome to find another kindred spirit. Started following you, so I look forward to your posts!

    1. Huzzah for kindred spirits! (: Welcome to the blogosphere, Sam! Thanks for stopping by.


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