Ghosts of Confessions: A Poem

* * *

Ghosts of Confessions

I'm sorry I lost the melody;
I'm sorry I lost the beat.
I'm sorry I followed my own heart off a cliff,
And I'm sorry I tripped over my own feet.
I'm tongue-tied and overflowing with words all at once,
But the look on your face sends me to silence.

I'm an iron fist in a velvet glove;
I'm a contradicting universe.
Hot then cold---
The lukewarm is killing me.
It hurts to stay and it hurts to go,
Where I'm meant to be
I just don't know.

Planets set for collision,
Missing each other by only inches,
They falter and fall from the sky.
The stars are hiding,
The moon is dull,
But the chaos in my mind is on fire.

I'm sorry for the things I've said,
But I'm more sorry for the things I didn't.
Ghosts of confessions,
Tangles and messes,
I let them die on my lips
Before they set my world ablaze.

* * *

That is all.



  1. Love this! I can identify with these feelings. The words you rehearse and write and rewrite in your head, all the metaphors you come up with to describe how you feel, never actually spoken.

    1. Thank you for reading! That feeling was a huge reason as for why I wrote this poem.


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