18 Things I Learned By Age 18

Hello, lovelies!

I did a post similar to this a couple years ago, where I shared sixteen things I learned by age sixteen, and I thought it was high time I did an update. (NOTE: if you'd like to read the post I did before, click HERE.) Some of these are more humorous, and others are a little bit more serious and more akin to things I might put in an "excerpts"-style post.

Either way, I hope you enjoy, and let's get into things.

* * *

1.) Watching a sunset is not only relaxing, but also necessary every once and a while.


2.) People will always find a reason to gossip and start drama. You do not have to participate in it or listen to it, but just know that it will always be around no matter what you do. It's up to you if you dive into it instead of steering clear of it and staying on the bank.

3.) Always trust your gut. If something doesn't feel right, your instincts will let you know.

4.) Handwritten and personalized gifts are so much more meaningful than really expensive and glitzy ones. Take the time to really think about who you're giving a present to and try to play off their personality and get/make them something you think matches them. It's really the thought that counts.

5.) Makeup is fun. People get way too caught up in how much people are wearing or the reasons they're wearing it when it's really meant to be just a form of self-expression. So wear that bold lip, wing your liner, go for a natural look, or don't wear it at all; it's your decision, and you'll look like a queen either way.

6.) If you're one to sleep in, get up early for a change. There something special about the way the dew hugs the grass and how a curl of steam rises from your coffee mug into the chilly air. Late night adventures are great, but mornings have a certain charm to them.

7.) Nothing is set in stone.

8.) There's something special about conversations that happen in the car while you're parked, driving, or jamming out. Grab your best friend and just go on a road trip; I promise the laughs and serious advice are worthwhile.

9.) Sometimes you just gotta woman up and kill that spider yourself.

10.) There is NOTHING wrong with wanting to change what you look like. Yes, you should be comfortable in your own skin, but if you want to dye your hair or get your eyebrows tattooed or wear colored contacts, that is your decision, and your decision alone. No one has the right to shame you for something you want to do for yourself.

11.) Losing a friend hurts a heck of a lot more than losing a significant other.

(Losing both at once feels like a sucker-punch straight to the gut.)

12.) Sometime just go for a really long run or do a really hard workout that leaves you breathless and sweating buckets. There's something really satisfying about pushing yourself to the limit and seeing just how far you can go.

13.) Eating junky food for one day or for a whole week isn't going to affect you in the long run. Your body knows what to do when you don't feed it quite right, so don't freak out and start panicking over that cookie you ate earlier (just bask in the deliciousness of it instead).

14.) When you travel to a new place, wear a new perfume while you're there---the same goes if you're going to a special event. That way whenever you smell it, all the memories of that day/week/etc. will come rushing back to you since smell is very strongly associated with memory.

15.) You deserve to be happy. If you're not happy, then it's up to you to either cut out the things that are dragging you down or change them to make the situation better. Happiness is hardly ever served on a silver platter.

16.) Your parents can tell if your relationship is toxic and unhealthy much faster than you can. Trust their judgement.

17.) Take care of yourself: put on a high SPF, wash your makeup off every night, do your skincare, eat things that fuel your body, go for a run, buy yourself a cute new skirt, sit on a rooftop at sunrise and inhale the cool, morning air. At the end of the day sometimes you just have to do you and make sure you're giving yourself a little extra love.

18.) Life was never promised to be easy, but there is goodness even through the storms.

* * *
And there you have it!

Being eighteen is still really young, but just reading over this list has made me realize how far I've come, even in comparison to the post I did two years ago at age sixteen. Life is a learning experience, and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

That is all.



  1. I loved this, also I completely agree with number 16, any friendship that's gone wrong for me, my mum always called it lol. Also trusting your gut too, the amount of times I've pushed that 'this isn't right' feeling to the side, only for everything to go wrong later!
    Have an awesome day!
    -Cait xx

    1. I'm so glad you liked it! It's always super interesting to see the weird things I've learned over the years. (: Learning to trust my gut was probably the most important.


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